What’s it like to live in Fort Carson?

Military home in Fort Carson should be facilitated with all kinds of modern facilities which will make an environment healthy. A military officer sacrifices a lot throughout his or her service life. At the end of his life, he expects a complex free life where he or she will get all the amenities in and around him. To prepare a military home is not very easy. All the military personnel will be there after their retirement or even during the service period. It should be a massive endeavor, an ideal and independent satellite township development. It may be very close to the capital city with excellent connectivity and all the modern amenities, facilities and much much more.

Coordinated Project:

The well-conceived development endeavor should plans to blend human habitats with earth and its pristine environment. It rationally adds aesthetics, amusement and recreation together essentially with all the urban functionalities, for a comfortable and enjoyable life for people of all ages in a full-fledged independent modern township. The facilities should include adequate and appropriate thoroughfares, pedestrians, pedestrian precincts, lakes, walkways and cycle tracks, urban and like greens, community facilities, play fields and playgrounds, health, sports and amusement facilities, neighborhood corner shops and a central business district (CBD) as a commercial and trading hub enriching the modern day township. And to take total care of the hygiene as well as to ensure a healthy environment, a solid easte management system, a sewerage treatment plant and a water treatment plant should be added to make it a green and standalone urban setup.

Lakes and Waterfronts

Lakes retain water round the year for a lively environment as well as provide passage and storage to runoff generated from local rainfall, in addition to ensuring a healthy soil and water regime. The long lake system with a minimum average of width traversing the whole area, with scattered parks here and there, eye- soothing green belts, walkways and bicycle tracks on either side may increase the beautification of the military housing in Fort Carson.

Additionally, waterfront parks & greenbelts along either side of the lakes will beautify the environs and extend children and adult alike a respite from maddening urban life.

Central Business District

Economy of an area flourishes in trade of goods and services. It comprises of corporate & business office spaces, super markets & shopping malls, and a central park. For leisurely stroll and movement at ease within, a good number of commodious precincts have been integrated into it.

Corporate and Business Office Spaces

Sufficient spaces are allocated for a number of corporate and business office tower, which may be a single tower or a cluster of high rise towers evenly distributed over the area allocated within the CBD commercial Blocks. These, with adequate parking and other facilities, are planned to meet all the corporate and business office needs of national and international level commerce, trade and services.

Super Market and Shopping Malls

There are corner shop facilities at neighborhood level to supply all the daily consumer and stationery supplies in a congenial environment, anytime and at the doorstep.

Health facilities

Health is of paramount importance in human life and has been given due and patient hearing to the needs and requirements of a decent urban dwelling. A robust system of neighborhood/sector level clinics each on a piece of good amount of land; a general hospital and an integral medical college on huge acres of land which together makes a large area should be included to an extend a functional healthcare system covering the township population.

Convention Center

A convention centre with all the logistics including audio-visual installations, adequate furnishing and dining facilities as well as good parking facilities well facilitate organizing national and international conferences and meets as well as national and community festivities.

Amusement and Recreation

Recreation helps to regain precision, for, as times elapses in work, precision starts loosing. The amusement park, the conventional park, greeneries, open spaces and lakes are going to provide that recreation through a respite in busy life. The independent amusement park rich with all sorts of rides by water-bodies river on one side and lakes on other sides.


The age-old adage, A sound Mind in a sound Body “All the works and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” should be an active consideration while planning for military home, according to this site. Thus a stadium cum sports complex on large areas, with both indoor and outdoor facilities must be integrally planned which includes huge acres commercial and parking space.