The Need for Website Design Companies

13473980931069465861Computer Icon.svg.hiWe are living in the digital age. You know, 50 years ago most people probably wouldn’t even believe how fast technology and how big technology would become. In fact, it is hard nowadays to even think that such enormous sites such as eBay and weren’t even around! What would I do without Amazon? I love being able to buy something at 1/2 the price of retail! And to get it shipped to my door in under 2 days? It’s priceless, that’s what it is. I love not having to go anywhere and know that what I want to buy is coming just where it needs to come – to ME! Which begs the question: if such places weren’t around before the dawn of the internet, whoever came up with the idea of door-to-door selling stuff was onto something. But, that is pretty much done with now because if people want something they will buy it. They don’t need anyone to sell it to them on their doorstep, they just have to hop on their computer and find what it is they are looking for. It’s like everyone has a store in their own home! They just have to have a computer and internet access. Oh, by the way, some cash in the Paypal account is pretty important.

You know, eCommerce is a very exciting thing. The people who sell don’t have to go anywhere (except the post office, unless they have FedEx come to their door and pick up their shipment which is a possibility). The people who buy don’t have to go anywhere. Who ever would have thought this would have been possible? Well, it wasn’t possible until the advent of the internet and Denver web development.

So, how does a great website play into the business world? The two things are seemingly not linked. But they can be connected when you realize that business and websites are tied together by one thread: eCommerce. More and more people are realizing that there is money to be made if you know what strings to pull. It’s important to do it all just right, though. You can’t just expect to sit back and do nothing. Even if your store is digital it still needs a manager. Robots haven’t made as much progress yet as you’d think in that respect! You have to be the one to take orders from your customers, keep track of what ships where, who wants what, who owes money, who needs a refund. In some ways that part of it isn’t exciting. Maybe that’s why I don’t have my own online shop. Maybe it’s also because I don’t have anything to sell on my online shop (which I don’t have, as you will recall). I wanted to earlier this year but circumstances were not favorable for that. Oh well, I have other business to tend to when it comes to websites. You know, some people need to step back and let others do what they are good at while focusing what it is that they do best. There’s more progress to be made in that way than by just trying to be everyone and do everyone’s jobs for them.

But, I’m not saying that having a beautiful website design completed with a store is a small thing. No, there is huge money to be made, as I stated earlier and mentioned Amazon. Did you know that Etsy is going to the stock market it has made so much money? I don’t really know what that means for those who sell on Etsy, but hopefully they will get more business out of it all. But that is yet another example of how powerful the online commerce world is.

Some people are afraid to try eCommerce development, but I think that it is a great way to go. Real stores are going out of business right and left because people don’t have all the time in the world to nose around looking for stuff to buy. Everyone is in a hurry, and shopping online exposes you to the entire planet’s supply of stuff to buy – not the limited selection that only one little store can hold. There is only so much space that one building can hold – it takes the world to hold the world’s goods! Warehouses aren’t very conducive to the shopper’s experience anyway.

If you happen to have the skills to build an online site that will process payments, you are in the right place. So many people are trying to be inventors. Many of them will fail. Most of them won’t succeed. A few of them will strike gold. But what do they all have in common? They all want someone to build their website design for them! It isn’t a good idea to turn them away even if you don’t think they have a good idea because hey, maybe they will make it big and you can get paid a commission by them!

They have too many distractions and it is easy to get lost. Most stores nowadays only have a limited supply and have to special order the stuff you usually want but can’t find. Isn’t that annoying? You spend all this time trying to find something you really want and end up having to drive back home to order it online. Why not just order it online in the first place at your favorie ecommerce website, right? You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever wanted to make a purchase of something special.

Well, hopefully you have learned the value of online shopping and website design out of all of this! Thanks for reading.

7 World Trade Center collapse report released

7 World Trade Center collapse report released

NIST released today a draft of the final report on the collapse of 7 World Trade Center. The NIST investigation involved extensive computer modeling to simulate what happened, along with use of eyewitness accounts, photographs, video, and other evidence. The key findings include that the fire, fueled by office contents, and not fought (due to severed mains and lack of water), was the main cause of the collapse. Fires continued to burn throughout the afternoon on floors 7-9 and 11-13. Eventually the heat from the fire caused a critical column on the 13th floor to buckle. This triggered failure of structural elements surrounding the column, including the floor structure above to fail. This all led to a progression of the structural failure, vertically to the roof, and then horizontally across the structure and ultimately the entire structure collapsed. NIST rejected any blast scenario, explaining that if it happened, the sound would be so very loud and couldn’t be missed. However, there were plenty of witnesses around at the time, as well as news and other video footage. Any such sounds of detonations were definitely not there. In my experience, from seeing actual controlled demolitions, the charges are detonated in a quick succession over a period of 10+ seconds and are extremely loud and you do feel the vibrations. None of that occurred with WTC7. Anyway, the final report includes a summary 115-page report (PDF), along with detailed reports. There is also an FAQ and other material. NIST has given a few weeks as a public comment period, and will come back after that with a final version of the report.

Foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks

John Ashcroft

Ashcroft’s testimony to the 9/11 Commission: ASHCROFT: My wife traveled to Germany and back in August. My wife and I traveled to Washington, D.C., on the 3rd of September before the 17th — before the 11th attack on commercial aircraft. I have exclusively traveled on commercial aircraft for my personal travel; continued through the year 2000, through the entirety of the threat period to the nation. The assessment made by the security team and the Department of Justice was made early in the year. It was not related to a terrorism threat as a threat to the nation. It was related to an assessment of the security for the attorney general, given his responsibilities and the job that he undertakes. And it related to the maintenance of arms and other things by individuals who travel with the attorney general. And it was their assessment that we would be best served to use government aircraft. These were not private chartered jet aircraft. These were aircraft of the United States government. And it was on such an aircraft that I was on my way to an event in Milwaukee on the morning of September the 11th.