Blinds, Window Treatments and Shades for your Colorado Springs Home

Current-Trends-in-Kitchen-Window-Treatment-PatternsHeritage Windows and Blinds has 2 amazing showrooms in Colorado Springs which feature a huge selection of window treatments, window blinds, window treatments, drapes, window shades, interior shutters, vertical blinds, roman shades, plantation shutters and high-end Hunter Douglas blinds. With so many window blinds and window coverings to choose from, selecting the best option for your home is made easier with Heritage Window’s elite crew of interior designers who can help you decide on what window treatment would best suit your room or home. Heritage is a truly unique store too. They have many years of experience not just in residential homes but in helping large commercial clients with window treatments and window blinds too. It’s worth mentioning that they also have an unbelievable stock of wallpaper to choose from and they are true professionals who can help you. They’re not some big box store that offers the cheapest solutions with people that barely know the difference between a bucket and a blind. You can rely upon the staff of Heritage Windows and Blinds their amazing, real world experience and design talent to help you create just the right look and solution for every room in your home or office.

If you order Hunter Douglas window blinds from Heritage there are special warranties that apply so you can rest assured your window treatment product will be installed professionally and services professionally.

Remember, if you need help selecting the right style or color of blind, Heritage Windows and Blinds has expert interior designers. Having experts that know what design trends and styles are “in” really can make a difference in the final result that will enhance the look and feel of your home or office. If you need to sell your home down the road then having high quality window blinds will enhance the value and look of your home too!

Installing window blinds is a little like painting a room. Color really does affect how the room will “feel” when its done. Also, because blinds control the amount of light that can come into your room there are a lot of design features that come into play. Consider the type of mood you want to have for each room. Sometimes you can combine window treatments, using a combination of drapes, blinds, curtains, and valances in stylish arrangements and colorful patterns which will help create the mood, comfort and style you’re trying to accomplish.

Blinds offer comfort and protection from harmful UV rays from Colorado’s harmful sun. In the summer, blinds can block out the worst of the sun’s rays but in the winter you can open up your blinds and let the sun in for more warmth. At night you can shut your window blinds, which helps keep the warmth of your home inside and they looks of nosey neighbor’s from peeking into your home and invading your privacy.

Window blinds and wood shutters offer a great way to provide homeowners with precise control over the sunlight and adding style to the interior of your home or office. There are almost too many looks to talk about so it’s best just to stop by one of Heritage’s stores in Colorado Springs and look at their window treatments, blinds, natural shades and wallpaper options. One other thing that’s worth mentioning is that Heritage has professional blinds installers and also professional window blinds repairmen. So if something goes wrong with your blinds you can take them in and have Heritage fix them for you…sometimes these fixes can be under warranty and cost you nothing!

Heritage Windows and Blinds offers windows blinds and window treatments which look great for any style or décor. You don’t have to rely on people that know next to nothing about their products – you have an entire crew that lives and breathes window treatments and wallpaper. So when you’re ready to upgrade your home with awesome blinds, wallpaper or window treatments you really should stop by Heritage Windows and Blinds and one of their beautiful showrooms in Colorado Springs. Unlike those big box stores that treat you like some nameless clone, Heritage is truely dedicated to their customer’s satisfaction, whether you’re a large commercial building owner or a local homeowner in Colorado Springs. They will treat you right and you’ll love their product selection and service!


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Fort Morgan Eye doctors can help you as you age.

Benefits VisionSo is it getting hard to read those newspapers? You may not be over the hill yet but it’s very common for people in their late 30s and early 40s to start having a harder time to focus on things or reading smaller text. It’s very common for your eyes to age like this and you’ll find yourself holding books or magazines further away from your face so you can read. What happens is something called “presbyopia” (farsightedness) which is due to muscle weakness and loss of elasticity in the eye’s lens. Reading glasses usually solve the problem; however, it is important to visit an Eye Doctor in the Fort Morgan area to determine exactly what’s going on with your eyes. Most likely it’s just the natural aging process but changes your eyes are should be monitored by an expert so you can have the best vision as you get older. It’s frustrating to get older and deal with things like wrinkles, more aches and pains and often gaining weight but having your eyes get worse is something most people deal with once they hit 40 or so. We don’t get younger. And when your eyes get older you have to figure out if you want to go with contact lenses or eye glasses. Some people can get by for a a decade or so with varying versions of reading glasses. But the anatomical fact remains that 40-year-old eyes are changing and drying up and getting worse. That is not fun. Middle age is often the time when many people start noticing these changes in all kinds of things including their vision.

Early Detection Of Other Health Problems

If you suffer from any kinds of more serious health problems, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, it is especially important to be aware of how these health conditions can potentially lead to vision loss. That is a very big deal. So if you have these more serious health issues make sure you go to your eye doctor on an annual bases and get regular eye exam visits to help monitor your eyes and detect and changes to your eye health. In addition, regular appointments with an optometrist, a top eye doctor can help you identify some health problems early. Early detection of things like high blood pressure, glaucoma or diabetes can help you live longer. With our unique view into your eyes, we can spot changes characteristic of problems like diabetes and hypertension. Most eye doctors are members of the American Optometric Association.

The American Optometric Association represents approximately 39,000 doctors of optometry, optometry students and paraoptometric assistants and technicians. Optometrists serve patients in nearly 6,500 communities across the country, and in 3,500 of those communities are the only eye doctors. Doctors of optometry provide two-thirds of all primary eye care in the United States. Cool Equipment for your Eyes.

Eye doctors today have all kinds of high-tech equipment that can quickly help them diagnose your eye health. It’s pretty amazing stuff. When you go in for an eye exam make sure you have them explain some of the machines they are using. It’s very interesting. Take Care of your Eyes! Bottom line about your eyes is they are one of your most important senses to the world around you. We need to take the best care of them that we can. That means make sure you get an eye exam every year or so and expect to purchase some eyeglasses or contact lenses when you get into your 40’s or 50’s!